Om Namah Shivaya

You are free to be happy

What is the fundamental problem that faces us? Making decisions? Why does that become a problem? Someone says, “Because we have a choice, and we do not always know what choice to make.” Because we have the freedom of choice, we are not free to be happy! Unless of course we make the right choice: the choice “to be”.

Is there a way to make the right choice? We must look at the alternatives without prejudice. Both alternates are seen to be equally good or equally bad. This attitude deflates the “world” and dries up the twin currents of attraction and repulsion. The next step is to find the one within us who makes the choice. To do this, we need a calm and clear mind, free from prejudice. Now we see that worldly objects and goals have no value, except in relation to ourselves.

When we look within and make this enquiry “Who makes the choice and takes the decision?”, we will soon know if it is us, or whether it is a craving that is deciding. Then the choice we make will be the right one, totally in accord with our essential nature. It will not be confused by petty craving.