Om Namah Shivaya

Yoga is Yoga

When the inner harmony has been established, one immediately realises that unless there is harmony in our relationships with one another, there is no safety. I can be a man of peace, but if my relationship with you is not peaceful, my inner peace is fragile. So I must know how to live in relationship and still preserve this inner harmony, by directly realising that there is oneness between us already, that we are together.

It is not as though we are completely different beings who have to be brought together. If that is so, the togetherness will never arise. All bodies are made of the same food. Some of us may eat fruits and vegetables and others may prefer to wait a long time before eating the vegetables Рthey are the ones who eat the meat! So whether we are vegetarians or non-vegetarians we are all eating vegetables. All bodies are made up of the same stuff and all of us breathe the same air.

Just as we arrive at a sense of unity on the physical aspect, we can also arrive at the sense of unity on the psychological or mental aspect. Whatever be your thoughts or my thoughts, all these thoughts are made of the same substance. The understanding that ‘all thoughts good, bad or indifferent – are made of the same substance makes you one with God. All these silly, stupid ideas of superiority, inferiority, hate, attachment, jealousy and fear disappear because all these are based on the idea or thought that ‘You are different from me’. When that idea disappears then all the evils that we are struggling against disappear.

The yogi realises the importance of divine grace; he realises that as long as the mind functions in relation to the body and this life, there is the possibility of these things coming up again. Looking and praying for grace, he is constantly vigilant. That vigilance is like an inner light in which there is no division: it prevents any new factors or disharmony from even arising. The whole panorama is seen as one – and that whole thing is yoga.

The physical part of it is often called hatha yoga, the mental part of it raja yoga, the interrelation part of it karma yoga and the relation with God or the Cosmic Being as bhakti or jnana yoga, but yoga is yoga. If you separate it, you are destroying the spirit of yoga.