Om Namah Shivaya

Yoga in action

Yoga means harmony, union, integration. There must be an inner harmony, a total harmony within the total being. The oneness, the harmony that exists amongst the billions of cells in the body, the total continuous, unquestioning, undoubted, supra-national unity – that is what we are looking for. When all actions that are performed by this body, mind, intellect and ego spring from the cosmic being, the cosmic intelligence, the result is yoga.

If you are totally unselfish, you are not even aware that you are unselfish. If you are egoless, the ego is not even aware that it is egoless. Non-volitional activity is where all actions spontaneously spring from this cosmic being.

We have a body, a mind, and an intellect. If we watch ourselves, it is not difficult to realize that there is no harmony between the three. Thinking, feeling and willing; they seem to run in different directions.

Integrate them and you have yoga in action.