Om Namah Shivaya

When the Shadow Goes

One should pray that the whole universe may be happy, that all the obstacles, troubles and difficulties of everyone in the three worlds be removed – not just my and your troubles. It is good to remember that, so long as we limit our prayers to our silly little selves, there is no redemption.

As long as my prayer is selfish, limited to myself, even if by some kind of chance it is granted, it is bound to lead to frustration. No wise person ever prays for himself – that is basic, fundamental.

There is of course the bodhisattva ideal that one cannot achieve salvation for oneself, that there is no salvation for “me”. So long as the “me” is there, there is no salvation. Thus even salvation is not to be asked for, for oneself alone, because I am not alone in this world. I am part of the whole.

Wisdom lies in understanding, realizing that the ‘I’, the ego, is an illusory shadow. When the shadow goes, we are one.