Om Namah Shivaya

To be Intensely Aware Within Ourselves

One cannot possibly lay down rules on how and in what manner the totally egoless person will behave. I have seen this in the case of my Master. The actions of an egoless person are totally unpredictable. The only thing that you can say about Him is that you can say nothing about Him.

The great ones said we should possess the qualities of truthfulness, sincerity, consistency, humility, egolessness. We could not understand what they meant, we were not prepared to concede that we did not understand, and therefore we did not wish to start looking at life as they commanded us to do. We jumped to conclusions – egolessness means this, sincerity means that, humility means this. Therefore we got married to portraits. These are all images.

It is not possible for us deliberately to perform non-egoistic action, or to live a non-egoistic life. What is possible however is to be intensely aware within ourselves and to detect the play of the ego from moment to moment. It has its own role to play in life, as the decision maker in certain situations. The mind thinks, the ego decides, the nose smells, the eyes see. That is all. When this is seen, life assumes a completely different quality.