Om Namah Shivaya


What is time but a mental creation? We value it, trade in it, treat it as a commodity, and convert it into money. It has no such illusions about us. Time is itself an illusion – it deludes and cheats us, it kills us. Hence in Sanskrit “kala” means both time and death.

To catch time we have various devices – the diary, the calendar, and most important of all, the watch. It watches time pass; yet it is powerless either to halt time or to inspire us with vigilance.

Time has to be conquered by its own best use. Whether we rush madly around, looking at the watch every five minutes, or we idly let time just slip away, we are still subject to the illusion of time. Kala, time the killer, will occasionally remind us of its dark side, but if we are non-vigilant even then, Kala the cheat will make us forget the truth and live a life of self-indulgence.

When we lead a life of self-control and, by vigorous self-culture – the great aim of yoga – attain self-realization, we shall have transcended the time barrier, the thought barrier, and reached the realm where the sun of God-realization shines forever. Time then ceases to exist. Eternity prevails.