Om Namah Shivaya

Thoughts are Things

This is a great psychological truth. When the spirit of yajna or sacrifice rules the heart of man and becomes the content of his thoughts, words and deeds, even the gods are pleased and man obtains the desired objects. He is peaceful, happy and prosperous.

Who and where are the gods? They are the subtle forces or powers that animate the whole of creation. They have their seats in the various organs of the body, too. Thoughts and emotions have a tremendous effect on these. Anxiety grips the stomach. Anger alters the colour of the skin and the eyes. Fear chokes the throat. Thoughts are things! Good thoughts can favourably influence the gods presiding over the organs of our body. The selfless man’s face is bright and cheerful. Compassion flows from his eyes. His speech is honeyed and sweet. His gait is soft. The vibrations that emanate from him are holy and beneficent. People readily pick them up and also react favourably. The selfless person is not deliberately setting an example for other to emulate – any such motivation would re-activate, however subtle it may be. But people may be inspired.

Thus the selfless man’s limbs are strong and healthy. He thinks well, speaks well and acts well. He achieves the desired objective; the gods presiding over his limbs enable him to do that. The gods residing in all, and in the very atmosphere, also help him in every possible way.

The man who is selfish, who grabs, is a thief. A society composed of such people can obviously not be prosperous. Selfishness is the most deadly virus which is highly contagious. In no time one man’s selfishness expands to epidemic proportions. It destroys one’s vision one’s intelligence. If you observe yourself and the world you live in, you can see for yourself the havoc it can cause.