Om Namah Shivaya

Thought, Word and Deed

The vicious circle has to be broken. It is the self-perpetuating momentum of karma. Action produces reaction, and the reaction serves as action producing its own reaction. Cause gives birth to result which serves as the cause for another chain-result. It is like the seed and the plant, the egg and the hen – one leads to the other in an endless chain.

Shall we sit quietly then, and refuse to have anything to do with this? This view of actionlessness appeals to some, but not to Krsna.

Action is threefold – thought, word and deed. Action is performed by the individual at various levels of his consciousness, on different planes of his inner being. It is ignorance to think that we live only on the periphery of our personalities. Deep within are the springs of real action. Whether they take gross, subtle or causal forms, they are actions still, enough to keep the wheel of karma in motion. For, refusal is an action, as firmly based on the false ego as the performance of action. ‘Action for material achievement’ and ‘refusal to act believing that only thereby one can achieve salvation’ are both equally deceptive mental conditioning. This conditioning is bondage – neither action nor what one believes to be inaction.

As we shall see, the whole creation is the body of God and individuals live as part of his nature. The qualities of his nature will function, independent of individual will; to try to stop this is as easy as it is to chew up the stars! The solution to this is the yoga of true transcendence – nais-karmyam – in which the ego is stripped of its mask. All action is seen to be life, and the self is realised to be divine – Divine Life.