Om Namah Shivaya

The unreality of division

What is sorrow? Is it in the objects of the world, or is it in ourselves? Surely, sorrow is experienced by us, within ourselves, by our thinking. The mind that “thinks” it is miserable is miserable. This is revealed by the fact that when the mind is asleep and does not think, there is no sorrow.
Thought creates space, thought is space. When this space is one of pleasure or happiness, you are surrounded by happiness. When it is one of pain and sorrow, you are surrounded by unhappiness.

How can one avoid this “space”? By not creating it at all. Raja Yoga teaches us how to live without hurting others or being hurt by others – that is, without coming into contact with pain. This is possible only if the psychological space is not created. If there is no division in the mind, there is no contact with pain at all.

The understanding of the unreality of division is meditation, the very heart of yoga. Thought tries to grasp the experience, – as a result there is “I” and the “experience” which is subdivided into pleasure and pain, etc. But what is the real content of “thought”? Is it not the intelligence inherent in the body and the mind?

This is reality – that that intelligence, which alone is indivisible, alone exists.