Om Namah Shivaya

The Mind Asks and Answers

The mind demands a reason for everything and it then supplies the reason. Isn’t it a joke?

It is the mind that asks for the reason, and it is the mind that supplies the reason. Neither of these has any validity in life at all. You can see that quite clearly. Very simple! I shave my head every morning, the mind wants to know why. ‘Why do you shave yourself?’ ‘Because I want to appear nice – not so old as I really am’. But then, the hair comes up again. It seems to be a hopeless, thankless, useless job!

I am sure all of us eat at least three times a day. Why do you eat? Because you want to appease your hunger. But it is not appeased. A couple of hours later it starts again. Or, you may answer that question ‘Why do you eat?’ with ‘I want to live’. But you don’t live. Inevitably we are proceeding towards the grave.

What is this absurdity we are trapped in? We assume all sorts of purposes. ‘Why do you practise yoga?’ ‘In order to be ever-youthful, ever-young.’ Nonsense! Believe me, I have seen many yogis – great ones, super-great ones, less-great ones and not-so-great ones, and I might tell you that most of whom I was acquainted with about 30 years ago are all dead. Why are you practising yoga? In order to be forever young and forever healthy and all that sort of thing … it’s not possible! When you come to a yoga class, the mind asks you, ‘Why am I practising yoga?’ and the mind supplies the answer. It’s a ridiculous thing: the mind asks the question and the mind itself provides the answer.

One doesn’t visualise the total scheme. You want just one part of it. I don’t know if you have ever considered this. Supposing all of us were granted physical immortality – for ever and ever and ever. You know what a rotten world we would create? All the idiots will continue to be immortal!