Om Namah Shivaya

The disaster caused by division

I do not know who I am, but somehow I know I am. This being an impossible position, I seek an identification. Identifications are available in plenty in this world. I gather these false labels and somehow they assume the reality of an identity. Persistent repetition of a lie has the power to make it appear to be real. Thought lends its power to confirm this as truth. The “me” who was born as an ignorant enquirer has now come to accept the aggregate of identifications as itself.

The “me” having created the division in the indivisible pretends that it has seen the disaster caused by the division and tries to abolish it! The “me” only pretends to have seen the problem. If it truly sees it, the division, will disappear in a moment.

Yoga enables you to see the truth that the “me” is a ghost-like substitute for the ignorance of your identity. It enables you to realize the indivisibility of truth and the tragedy of division. It is the “me” that creates the “you”, the “other”. The “me” itself being a non-entity and an aggregate of ideas and concepts, it is seen by this indivisible intelligence as a non-entity. When its real nature is seen, it ceases, and with it ceases the division and all its mischief. Self-knowledge or yoga unites by abolishing the non-existent division.