Om Namah Shivaya

The suicidal stupidity of selfishness

Man cannot see what is constructive and what is destructive. The answer to this is deep within him – in his own conscience – and he needs an inner light to read the answer. With this inner light he will be freed from the shackles of ignorance and worldliness – the lust for power, pleasure and profit. This light itself is liberation – liberation from darkness.

Yet, we may switch on a flood lamp. But if our eyes are tightly bandaged, we shall be in darkness and that darkness (bandage) is bondage. We can take it off, but do we want to? A vicious circle has been formed. We were in darkness, and we adapted our lives to it. Our conscience was in darkness, and we indulged in all the vices that thrive in darkness, and those vices become delectable modes of pleasure. We like them, and we like the darkness that makes such pleasure possible. And even if, by the Grace of God, the nature of these vices makes itself felt as suffering or disillusionment, we still try to remedy the suffering without losing the darkness, the source of our pleasure.

Only if we open the inner eye of wisdom, and kindle this inner light in which we are able to perceive the glory of a life of unselfishness, of love and of wisdom, will we realize the suicidal stupidity of selfishness, hatred and worldliness.