Om Namah Shivaya

Spontaneous action

One of the most extraordinary features in the case of Gurudev was that action came at once. Words came much later, if at all. First do what you have to do! There is no thought, there is nothing involved, there a is no consideration. The brain was not working here at all, no motivation. Action was spontaneous, action was instantaneous. It was not even considered service. It has to be done, and what has to be done springs from utter and total selflessness, from the realisation that what has been assumed as the self, as aham, is nonexistent. That was the beautiful selflessness that we saw in the Gurudev. That is extraordinary. Only if we realise that, will we also realise that once the self is realised to be nonexistent, the yogi does not go on torturing the body – what for? In later years in Gurudev, you saw these two go side by side, together. He did not want you to suffer, and He did not want even that body which was called Swami Sivananda to suffer.

Only if you clearly understand this, is it possible to see why Gurudev massaged Himself with oil, why He had all sorts of tonics and drugs and insulin injections – insulin for the body, not ‘I’. This body is sick, put some insulin into it. This body is capable, push it, make it work. Exactly like a car, exactly like another instrument or vehicle. Not ‘I’. The aham bhavana is not there, this ‘I am body’ idea is gone. Then you are neither interested in perpetuating it by feeling ‘I am doing this’, nor interested in torturing the body because ‘I am not the body, what are you torturing?’ If someone does that, it is usually in order to show off’. Which means you are still clinging to the ‘I am body’ idea. Only in the case of such perfected beings, siddhas, is it possible to see that the ‘I am body’ idea is completely non-existent. Whatever they do, that action springs from them spontaneously, instantly. This body is as important, as valuable as the body we call the bodies of others. There is no distinction. And so, what started as self-sacrificing service, eventually blossoms into totally divine selfless service.