Om Namah Shivaya

Spiritual Education

The scriptures of the world aim at the spiritual education of the inner man. They explain that no one can lead an isolated life here, that everybody is connected with everybody else. That we are all cells in the one body of God.

Intellectual assent to this idealism is the first step, but the goal is the actual realization of this truth. The path lies through the progressive application of this truth to daily life, through the manifestation of this spirit of selfless service, the cultivation of cosmic love, and the recognition of the all-pervading spirit of the Godhead.

As he walks along this path, man becomes purer and purer at heart, simpler in his habits, more selfless and charitable, more and more divine.
This spirit is as old as time, but today it has been sunk in the deep sea of materialism and atheism. Let us salvage this spirit and apply it to our daily lives.