Om Namah Shivaya


Silence is not of speech – silence is of the mind. In silence one sees the rise and fall of one’s own thoughts, order is restored and they perform their proper function, without interfering with life.

When there is order, there is peace within, there is clarity of inner vision. The observer, who had been silently watching the thoughts, now asks himself, “Who am I, the observer?” Of course, the observer is a thought too, the very first thought, which attracted to itself impressions of innumerable past experiences and expressions, all of which now sit in judgment over the present.

All this is part of the ever-changing panorama of time. The same mind divides itself into observer and observed, conscious, super conscious, lower mind and conscience! When this is clearly seen in the light of profound inner silence, a new creative intelligence functions – the witness of the drama. In it there are no divisions – it is pure experiencing, without subject and object.

This is the inner light, the light that is not the antithesis of darkness, the light that never rises nor sets, and is therefore timeless, the light that dispels the darkness of our ignorance and its inseparable counterpart, the ego. In it is perfect order, true virtue. It is the absolute truth.