Om Namah Shivaya


We always pray, ‘Lord, may this happen … may I get this … may I not get this … may I be saved from this thing.’ Once again, I am very intimately aware of this phenomenon. There may be a little exaggeration in what I am going to say; but please, understand the spirit. Of the prayers that I might have offered, asking God to do this and not do this, approximately 5% were heard and responded. God granted those 5% prayers – 95% of prayers were rejected, unfulfilled. Right, quite right.

Now comes the punch line. At this hour, I draw up this balance sheet and I see that first, only 5% of my prayers were answered by God – oh my God! And I see that of that 5%, 4.95 caused a lot of heartache. I now wish that God had rejected those prayers also. And of the 95 that were rejected, 94.9 have proved to be a blessing. All that you ask for leads you into trouble, greater trouble, when they are granted. And the rejected prayers prove to be the supreme blessing after some time and you wonder, ‘My God, what a fool that I asked for this thing to be done!’