Om Namah Shivaya

Poverty is a curse

Poverty is a curse. Men have fought against it, religious, political and economic movements have been born of it, and humanity revolts against this universal enemy number one. Ironically, however, these movements go on, scraping not more than the surf ace of the problem, and leaving the root untouched.

Oriental philosophers endeavored to expose the root of the problem by saving, “It is his Karma. He is a poor man now because he was a miser in the past. If you do charity with what little you have now, you will never taste such poverty later.”

Every poor man is his neighbor’s responsibility. Don’t say it is his Karma – rather see that it is your Karma that has put you near him, and then do something about it. Only you can show him the love and sympathy, which he needs, just as much as he needs a loaf of bread.

Poverty is a curse, not so much to the sufferers, but to you and me – everyone. For, please remember, poverty breeds violence, revolution, crime and irreligion.

Let us all feel “I am my sister’s and brother’s keeper. In their joy lays mine.”