Om Namah Shivaya

Neither seeking nor avoidance

We have all heard that one should cultivate inner awareness, that we should live in the present, that we should turn to God. We have tried all this, but nothing seems to have worked, for every hour of our lives is haunted by problems.

When we think we are living in the present, we are only thinking, and not living. If you have ever stood in the path of an oncoming car, you will know what living in the present really means – you will not be thinking of living in the present, you will leap out of the way. It is the spontaneous action of inner awareness, and this awareness exists in you all the time, you need not cultivate it.

When this inner awareness functions without being distorted by the rationalizing faculty, there is clear vision. In that clear vision, we see actual arising of the problems that haunt our lives. In this clear vision, we see that what we call “the pairs of opposites” are in fact inseparable – our error consists of aspiring to have one of the pair, without the other, because we think they are independent.

When in the light of knowledge there is neither seeking nor avoidance, there is freedom. In that freedom the inner awareness functions “in the present”.