Om Namah Shivaya


We do not suffer from our nature at all. I am a human being and it does not create any problem at all in my life, or cause me the least unhappiness. I am a man and it does not create any problem at all in my life. It does not bother me. That which is natural is free. The intelligence that is built into me sees the naturalness of it and therefore does not reject it, sees the naturalness of something passing and does not desire it. It is important to remember this.

That which is natural does not create any problem and is permanent, it does not change. If we talk of nature and the needlessness of the change in nature, then somebody or other gets the wrong idea, ‘Oh, I am a man of vicious nature. I do not have to change my vicious nature.’ The viciousness is not part of your nature, it is a modification that comes in later, a change in the mood of the mind. If you say it is human nature to be violent sometimes, it cannot be sometimes; if you say there is violence in human nature, you must be violent from morning till night, and night till morning. You are a human being twenty four hours of the day. You were born a human being and will die as a human being.

I do not accept that violence is part of human nature – it is not so. I have a rather unorthodox way of explaining it. You cannot get angry at will. Try now! Anger is a change that takes place occasionally. So, it is not part of your nature. It seems to possess you temporarily and then leave you.

So, what is natural and therefore permanent, does not cause any problem in our lives.