Om Namah Shivaya


Is there justice in this world? Don’t we often, almost always, see wicked ones (who are powerful, too) prospering and justifying their aggressive exploitation of the weaker people? We civilized them, we conquered them, we made them work, we saved them.” Superficially, there is nothing but injustice in this world. Yet, if you look deeper, you discover that the aggressor buys material prosperity at the expense of peace and sanity.

Again, there appears to be injustice only when you restrict your vision to a short lifespan. When you next ill-treat a poor, weak “foreigner”, remember that he may be reborn as your grandson and demand justice in your old age!

The all-seeing eye of truth cannot be cheated.

The world that we know of is perhaps full of evil, because the instrument of that knowledge (the mind) is evil. But, we should derive great consolation from the fact that the world that we know of is not the world that is, i.e. the world that God made, saw was good, and knows of. When we raise ours to God-consciousness, then we shall know the world as He knows it, and find it is good.