Om Namah Shivaya

God’s Will

In order to decide whether this should be done or not, one has to decide, determine, observe, see – directly – without linking it to the past or the future: who determines this? who wants to do this? Because, unless you can come face to face with that within you which wants to do this, you cannot determine what the motive is. Unless you look at the cart, you cannot look at the horse – that is the idea. Whether the cart is before the horse or the horse is before the cart does not matter. But, unless you look at the cart, you cannot look at the horse.

So first look at the action itself, from where it arises; there you see the motivation. Is there a motivation there, or does this action just happen? If it just happens, it happens – and that is what is popularly called, ‘God’s Will’, not something which the mind creates and rationalises as God’s Will, but, the action that happens, through others to you and through you – that is God’s Will. You are not keen on doing or not doing, you are not desire-motivated to do this or not to do this. In order to discover that, you have to observe yourself. In spite of it, the action flows, life flows. That is God’s Will.

The manner in which your breakfast is being digested is God’s Will. It is happening, not because you want it to happen, not because it pleases you, or displeases you, not because you want to grow strong or grow weak, put on weight or lose weight – totally regardless of your own private ambition and volition, this breakfast is being digested – that is God’s Will. Can our whole life be like that? Then, you will know what God’s Will is. In other words, if your will is completely taken out of this game of life, then you will know what God’s Will is.

That will, the private will, arises for or against a certain action. You cannot say, ‘Well, this is selfish action, so I will not do it’. That is also selfish. ‘I will do this’ is selfish, ‘I will not do this’ is selfish. Is there some way of completely defusing that self? Now, what does one do? Can I say, ‘No, I am not going to be selfish hereafter?’ You will be demonically selfish! Because, that which struggles in you is also selfish and leads to selfishness. So, this yoga cannot be practiced by struggling.