Om Namah Shivaya

God is Love

God’s blessings are showered equally upon all; but man is fond of depriving his neighbor of his share. Man has forgotten God. Therefore, he has also forgotten that God is love. He has turned away from God in whose image he is made. Love is divine – hatred is diabolical. God is love. God is peace. God is bliss. If we wish to enjoy this peace, we should grow in love. God has given man freewill to shape his own destiny. We should choose the path of love. Love should govern our thoughts, words, and deeds.

God is the cosmic being. He cannot be enthroned in a heart which has shrunk through selfishness. It must expand, gradually, to include our neighbors, our community, and ultimately all beings in the universe. When this love is cultivated in our heart, it will naturally express itself as service and charity. These will become part and parcel of our nature. Then we shall attain cosmic consciousness, and enjoy supreme peace, eternal bliss, and immortality. When the little ‘I’ – the selfish ego – dies, you will be God, full of love and compassion for all beings.

We cannot love one another truly, unless we recognize that God who dwells in our heart, dwells in the hearts of all. We cannot truly serve mankind, and work for the good of all, unless we feel that all of us together form the body of God. This knowledge and realization should come first. Only then will political systems, economic theories, and technological progress, bear fruit.

It is dangerous to pay lip-homage to this doctrine. We should sincerely pray to Him, meditate upon Him every day. We should endeavor every moment of our life to express, through loving service of our neighbor, the inner faith that God is omnipresent. We should love all. It is then that we shall truly be human beings.

This is the essence of the teaching of all religions. This is yoga.