Om Namah Shivaya

Go to the source is meditation

Can we go to the source of prejudice – to the source of fear, anger, hate, jealousy, infatuation and pride? These are all mental aberrations, which do not exist in nature. If we see that attraction and aversion belong to the realm of electricity and magnetism, of nerve endings and their objects, then they do not have the dreadful connotations we have placed on them, and hence they do not create the sorrow, violence, fear and hate, which dehumanize us. In nature things happen – there is a going apart, a coming together as with different poles of a magnet, without struggle and emotion.

Is it possible for us, without judging, without condemning or condoning, to see for ourselves where prejudice arises and operates, where it exists in us? Surely, it is not in the body – even when it appears to be physical, the operation of prejudice is seen to be in the mind, the physical body acting only as a docile tool of the mind. When you learn to see this, and when you thus observe yourself, you are in meditation.