Om Namah Shivaya

Dynamism must be purposeful

Work is vital, activity is vital, and life involves living. To live is to do – and that needs no further incentive, no vision, no wisdom, and no understanding of the principles and principals involved. A plant is active, an animal is active, man is active and, surprisingly, a piece of metal is active.
Does philosophy or religion preach indolence, laziness, poverty, starvation, or ignorance? On the contrary – dynamism is the message of all religions. But life, dynamism, activity must be purposeful. To discover the meaning of life, we study philosophy and this equips us with the necessary discipline of mind and intellect. Religion equips us with the necessary disciplines of life.

We cannot abolish baking bread, farming and making money – for that would be suicide. Perhaps we can abolish religion and philosophy, but though the starved soul might not proclaim its debility, the death of wisdom will soon deprive life of its meaning – a suicide too subtle for the materialistic intellect to perceive, and for the most powerful agency to arrest in time.