Om Namah Shivaya

Do not drown

Where are ‘you’? Your body is here, no doubt, but look within and see for how many seconds you are here, whole.

Your thoughts and feelings are about something else, linking up with something else. Only part of you is here, some part is elsewhere. This is why we are not integrated.

Take anger. When someone says something, you get annoyed. If a cobweb falls on your face, you may get irritated or worried. If someone says you are a fool, am “I” annoyed or is it something exterior like the cobweb? If I am annoyed, how can I become dis-annoyed? If I am a man, I cannot become a dog. Where is this annoyance?

I drink water, the water is then in me. No danger in this. But if I am in the water, I can drown. This is danger. So, let us find out whether the annoyance or any other trouble is in me, or whether I am drowned in it.

The enquiry is only possible if you are still in control. But if you have lost yourself in the annoyance, allowed it to get under you, you are finished.