Om Namah Shivaya

Delight in the happiness of others

Here is the greatest miracle possible on earth, the silent transformation of the human heart. It reminds us that we are all parts of the body of God, which is the universe. It proclaims that however much we try to ignore or run away from our fellow man, however much we try to hate or harm our neighbor, we cannot.

We are unhappy because our hearts have become so narrow that we want only our own happiness. The good man delights in the happiness of others. Selfishness is an animal instinct. The truly unselfish man is a divine being. We cannot truly serve mankind, unless we feel that all of us together form the body of God.

Hence all the great Saints and Saviors of the world have proclaimed that we should seek God first. Unless we seek God with all our heart, we shall not be able to experience His Omnipresence. It is dangerous to pay lip service to this doctrine. We should sincerely pray to Him, meditate upon Him every day. We should endeavor every moment to express through loving service of our neighbor, the inner faith that God is Omnipresent. We should love all, perceiving the light of God shining in all faces. It is then that we shall truly be human beings.