Om Namah Shivaya

Curiosity vs enquiry

There is a difference between curiosity and enquiry. Curiosity is either idle or deadly – deadly because it suspends the spirit of enquiry by providing words and labels, which are often mistaken for real knowledge. For instance, when one knows that fruit falls on account of the gravitational pull of the earth, one’s curiosity is satisfied, and the spirit of enquiry is suspended.

But the spirit of enquiry is kept alive by life, which throws up fresh challenges that shatter previous assumptions and concepts. Life does not accept intellectual cannibalism, which gives birth to a concept, and then feeds on it to satisfy its appetite, called curiosity. Life revives the spirit of enquiry.

The spirit of enquiry is not an appetite that can be satisfied – it is a fire that consumes the enquirer and the enquiring mind, and shines as illumination or knowledge. This fire burns all hypocrisy.

Yoga is illumination. Yoga is self-knowledge. Yoga is the spirit of unending enquiry. It is not hostile to what is called science – it can well be its elder brother, cautioning against assumptions, questioning beliefs, setting aside curiosity, and relentlessly fanning the flame of the spirit of enquiry.