Om Namah Shivaya

Be a Hero

When we come into contact with great Masters, we listen to their teachings. But that is only the beginning of a great spiritual adventure which is lifelong. Only a spiritual hero can undertake this adventure.

To be a hero, all that you need to do immediately is to have the courage to experiment with the teachings. Are these great Masters teaching us the truth or some sort of opinion?

There is no loss in such experimentation. There is great loss only if you fail to experiment. The experiment will either prove them right or not so right. If the experiment proves them right, then the teaching is assimilated.

Now, experiment with this discovery, until you arrive at the experience of the truth. Then, give expression to this experience. This attempt at expression might expose flaws in the experiment, and also the difficulty of expressing an experience. Now you are mature enough to explore further, and discover the truths that you originally heard from the Masters which they had endeavoured to express in their own way – because you realise that no expression is ever able to express any experience faithfully in its totality.

“It is better to aim at a lion and miss it, than to aim at a jackal and hit it.” With the Grace of God and the divine Masters, if it is possible to aim high, it is also possible to achieve it. What we need is total sincerity and intense zeal.