Om Namah Shivaya

A Scientific Approach

Who practises buddhi yoga, feeling that he is one with the entire creation, that one cosmic consciousness pervades all and in that consciousness he is one with all – is instantly freed from ignorance and from all karma which give rise to birth and death. Renunciation of egoism destroys the ‘bundle of karma’ (sancita) waiting to fructify; these ‘effects’ of past actions, not yet ripe for fructification, are deprived of the ego-centred body on which to spend their force. Even prarabdha karma or karma which has already begun to work itself out in this birth through the present body, is deprived of its ‘sting’ since the yogi does not identify himself with the body and its experiences of pleasure and pain, etc. The actions that he now performs (the agami or kriyamana) are not performed by his ego; his mind is centred in God and therefore there is direct realisation that the actions spring from the divine. Hence they do not affect him in the least. He is liberated from karma (the law of action and reaction, cause and effect). When the body falls, he is totally absorbed into the infinite.

Only the faithful man will practise this, but its effectiveness does not depend on faith – in the sense of belief! It is not a naive doctrine to hypnotise the gullible, but a scientific approach to divine life. Nor is there a suggestion that it is the only path! There are other means to freedom – ‘they too are freed’!

Self-knowledge or self-surrender – surrender to the divine – is common to all religions. All religions encourage the seeker to surrender himself to the divine or to seek and discover that there is no self independent of the totality or God. Regardless of what the religion is called, it will lead you to this freedom.