Om Namah Shivaya

A flower in the garden

If you go through a garden, have you ever thought about the flowers growing there? Has a flower ever asked itself, ‘I am supposed to be a rose, what should be my fragrance?’ This question does not arise. Hence, it is not the ‘doing’ that is such a problem, it is the ‘being’. If a person is good, the question of ‘doing good’ does not arise at all. Whatever that person does must be good. So, instead of being so busy finding answers to the question ‘what must I do’, can I pose the question ‘what am I’. It is not ‘you should fight’ or ‘you should not fight’ that is irrelevant.

It can happen that you are engaged in a fight, and it may happen that you run away from the fight. It may happen that you get killed, and it may happen that you kill. All these things may happen, totally regardless of your philosophy of life, totally regardless of what you wish to do or wish not to do. Nature, the world, takes absolutely no notice of your private wishes and desires. This is our daily experience.

This world has not been made for the pleasure and enjoyment of man. I live in a place where there are many mosquitoes. I look at them, ‘No, you were not created for my pleasure.’ Whoever says so has never been bitten by a mosquito. These are all irrelevant discussions and we waste most of our time in such irrelevant conversations. Do what you like. The vitally important aspect of life is to discover what is life, what is its meaning, what am I. When I know what I am, then, what I must do, becomes abundantly clear.